• Wedding Catering and Reception

    Aayojan has established a special name and fame in the field of catering management.It has been rendering different types of delicious menus as per the customers satisfaction .Aayojan has equipped with expertise cooks and well praised trained service team to look after catering service. The state of the art is well developed cook from state wise are engaged and controlled by the management of Aayojan .The cartring system of Aayojan has reached a height as per with weddings performed by Aayojan. The reception ceremony is the most important part that Aayojan take care of;it involves the warm welcoming of the invites with appreciable hospitality.The invites are escorted to sitting gallery and then to the dining place.All these services are meticulously accomplished by Aayojan and it is let to the knowledge of our clint time to time during the programme is under progress.

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